Working with architects


For simple renovations and house extensions it is not necessary to employ an architect. Normally a builder supported by Building Regulations at your council or plans from a structural engineer will suffice.

However when you move out of the world of residential and move more into commercial and retail developments this is where architects come into their own. Here architects can not only help you make your design come to live they can also help with all of the features and fixings.

Architects play a very important part in the role of specification and selection are convenient well-designed aspects of builds.

From simple security solutions to the numbers of windows and doors number of floors the number of entrances fire escapes, working on large projects and large buildings means without a good architect things could go wrong.

When working with external contractors to supply say kitchens office builds doors windows frames lifts it is important that your contractor is used to working with architects.

Without clear communication between the planners i.e. the architects and their CAD drawings and the construction teams suppliers etc things can go badly wrong.

When it comes to working with architect is quite common to ask them to specify certain products. In this way could be clear that they have experience of building and working with these products and can easily insert them into your project plans without to spend valuable time detailing the products themselves.

One of the best-known suppliers of automatic doors for both shops and offices is Erreka based in Bristol. They have a dedicated telephone and email address for their architect clients where they supply free CAD discs to keep architects computers up today with all the latest drawings you can email them or find out more details here

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